Printer Cartridges

Printer cartridge

24 million homes in the UK have a personal computer and 90% of those homes have printers. The average household uses 2-3 inkjet cartridges a year and many offices use large numbers of laser cartridges. Only 15% of the 65 million printer cartridges that are sold in the UK are recycled which means the rest end up in landfill sites and this is major bad news as the plastic used in a typical cartridge is made of engineering grade polymers and is expected to take up to 1000 years to decompose!

Recycling printer cartridges really is worthwhile as cartridges can be expensive and remanufactured printer cartridges can cost as little as 10% of what original cartridges do. By lessening the amount of cartridges ending up in landfill sites, you are being kinder to the environment too.

Recycling Appeal

The Recycling Appeal collects printer cartridges (as well as mobile phones and PDAs) for reuse and recycling. They raise funds for charity whilst helping the environment at the same time. The Recycling Appeal has generated over £2 million for partner organisations since 1999.

They make recycling your old printer cartridges easy by offering free collection envelopes. You simply need to pop your items into a freepost envelope and put it in the post. You can call up or fill out an online form to get an envelope sent out to you. If you have large quantities of items to send, the Recycling Appeal will arrange for a courier to come and collect them from you free of charge.
Recycling Appeal incentives include:

  • Freepost envelopes or free collection for multiple items
  • Choose your appeal from a number of charities
  • Recycle phones, PDAs and printer cartridges

Each One Counts

The Each One Counts scheme collects printer cartridges (and mobile phones) for reuse and gives a donation to your chosen charity for every recyclable item received. Over £3 million has been raised for charities since 1995.

Recycling is made easy as you can order freepost bags online for your chosen charity and free collections can be arranged for larger quantities.

Each One Counts incentives include:

  • Freepost bags or free collection for multiple items
  • Choose your charity to support
  • Weekly competition for recyclers
  • Recycle printer cartridges and mobile phones
  • Gift Aid can be added to your donation

Support Your School

Support Your School is a free service set up specifically to give schools the opportunity to raise funds for themselves through the recycling of used inkjet printer cartridges and unwanted mobile phones.

Support Your School rewards schools with £1 for every cartridge and £3 for every mobile phone successfully recycled and reused. The scheme is supported with an interactive website with support materials; it also includes a full list of items that are suitable for recycling and details of how much the school has raised.

Schools sign up online and order their free recycling pack containing everything they need to recycle for a year. Parents and businesses are also encouraged to sign up online and receive their free pack to recycle from work and support their chosen local school.

The scheme launches from January 2010.