• Donate usable furniture to charity shops, schools, community centres, friends or neighbours.
  • Sell furniture at garage sales or in auctions.
  • Clean and repair broken furniture before you sell/donate it.
  • Before you sell/donate your furniture, make sure it has the kite mark of approval to show that it meets British safety standards.

Contact the Furniture Reuse Network for further information on recycling furniture:

48-54 West Street
St Philips

0117 954 3571

OFFERS is the first UK scheme, which was specifically set up to promote the reuse of office furniture and equipment. Since 1996 OFFERS has been assisting businesses and organisations in London to divert office furniture and equipment from landfill. Unwanted items are collected and then passed on to community, voluntary sector groups and small start-up businesses to maximise the environmental and social benefits of reuse.