£15 million Dorset recycling plant on the way

July 16, 2008 at 6:50 pm

Stand by Dorset, because you’re soon going to be getting a £15 million recycling plant that will end up seeing over 120,000 tonnes of waste coming through its doors every year. Just outside the quaint west-country town of Wareham will stand a three-in-one recycling plant, consisting of an inert recycling facility, an in-vessel composting centre for food and kitchen waste, and a materials recycling facility (MRF).

The decision was passed by the local council last month and the proposal now looks set to be moved up to the next level. There is currently a huge demand for a plant in the area, as a great amount of waste is currently being forced into landfills. There is simply no other option. Now that the site has been approved by the rubber stamp personnel, building will begin later this year and continue into next spring potentially being completed by the close of 2009.

The plant has raised a number of concerns by the local communities around the Purbeck region though and many nearby residents are somewhat concerned over the likely increase in traffic pollution, which undoubtedly will lead to noise and air pollution as well as congestion on the currently quiet and peaceful roads.

However, the council has listened to the concerns of the locals and still feel there is a way in which the plant can be built whilst still remaining in favour with the local communities. They are working with local residents to make sure everyone is kept abreast of each stage.

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