A revolutionary plant to put UK on top of the game

October 24, 2008 at 5:36 pm

The UK is going to break new ground next year and raise its recycling efforts up to the very latest in technological standards. A new recycling plant has been given the go ahead in West Sussex, which will make us here in the UK one of the leading players in the world in terms of speed and efficiency of waste management.

By 2009, the site at Ford Airfield on the south coast will potentially be up and running, thanks to the company Viridor Waste Management. The project has been overseen by members of the local parish council and residents of the local area, forming a group called the Ford Material Recycling Facility Liaison Group, who have been on hand throughout the entire planning process.

The site will manage up to 85,000 tonnes of local waste per year. What is different though about this site is the sheer volume of materials it can sort and the different range of materials it can handle and all of this at much greater speeds than those currently achieved in similar plants. One of the new innovations is a conveyor belt fitted with highly sensitive sensors that pick out different items from the belt and send them to different sections of the plant. Shape, texture, colour, magnetisation and weight are just some of the new ways it selects items. This plant will be setting a benchmark for the rest of the recycling facilities here in the UK when it opens.

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