Bomb-proof recycling bins for London streets

December 15, 2008 at 4:57 pm

Next year will see the installation of bomb-proof recycling bins on the streets of central London. The bins will be produced by Media Metrica and are expected to cost approximately £30,000 each to construct and install. This expense has been justified by the chief operating officer of the company, Brian James, who believes that “the blast technology is basically military technology. It’s very expensive to put in”. The bins, which have been extensively tested by the company in New Mexico, will be made from a steel composite which has the ability to absorb the force of an explosion.

The company will also finance the maintenance of the recycling bins after signing a contract with the City of London local authority, which will not run out for another fifteen years. Media Metrica is currently holding talks with potential sponsors in the corporate sector and the bins will hopefully be seen on the streets of central London by the end of next year.

As well as providing Londoners with a safe option for recycling, the bins will also provide them with the latest weather information and regular news updates, thanks to hi-tech LCD screens. These screens will always provide a reliable picture to shoppers and commuters, as a result of light-sensitive technology. This technology will ensure that the screens either brighten or dim automatically depending on the weather conditions at the current moment in time. Furthermore, Brian James remains hopeful that all of the screens will be powered using solely green technology.

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