Bottle recycling plant gets go ahead

July 10, 2009 at 1:07 pm

Recycling in Wales received a boost recently after WAG (the Welsh Assembly Government) provided a grant to Plastics Sorting Limited for a new plastic bottle recycling plant that will be constructed in Ebbw Vale.

It is the second grant given to the project by WAG. It originally gave £850,000 in September 2008, and this second grant of £450,000 means that the total has now risen to £1.3 million, which will really help to get things up and running.

The plant will have the capacity to recycle 20,000 tonnes of bottles a year. It will be able to sort the bottles and clean them, and will then recycle them so that they can be reused. It will be able to do this with PET and HDPE plastic bottles, and it is thought that the site will be fully functional by March 2010.

Jane Davidson from WAG said that the plant will be “a key part in making our vision for a society that produces as little waste as possible.”

She also highlighted the benefit that will come from more jobs and investment in the green sector.

On top of providing clean recycled bottles, the plant is going to increase its green credentials by not only using rainwater for the majority of its process water, but also using an anaerobic digestion facility nearby, which is a renewable source of fuel, to provide its electricity and heating. This will lead to a site that is not only providing an earth-friendly service, but is also environmentally friendly in its operation.

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