Councils Reduce Rubbish Collections to Encourage Recycling

March 7, 2006 at 10:29 am

Many councils in Wales, either already have, or are planning to cut rubbish collections to once every 2 weeks rather than a weekly collection. This is to encourage recycling, with only one wheelie bin being emptied every fortnight but 2 recycling boxes emptied every week.

The local authorities have certain recycling targets to meet or they will be faced with fines. By 2007, 25% of all rubbish should be recycled and by 2010, 40 % of rubbish.

Many people are worried about collections being reduced to once a fortnight as they think that rubbish will become piled up and could create hygeine risks but the argument from Environmental group Friends of the Earth is that if households recycle more, their rubbish bags will be emptier and the bins will not get as full as quickly.

Where I live, recycling is made easy by the council, with one bin bag for all recyclable materials. This definiately reduces our rubbish with the bin never full on collection day. For tips on how to reduce your rubbish and recycle more check our handy tips section or print out our recycling guide to stick on the wall at home.

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One response to “Councils Reduce Rubbish Collections to Encourage Recycling”

  1. Sarah Giles says:

    i think rubish should still be collected once a week if the rubbish is left to long this will cause more rats. we already have a problem with rats. we have three young children and already have a lot of rubbish each week.

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