Electrical recycling crucial over festive period

December 29, 2010 at 5:17 pm

Electrical gadgets represent big business at this time of year, with the latest models making popular Christmas presents for both young and old, and the January sales attracting consumers from up and down the country keen to update their TVs, stereos, and various game consoles.

However, even though we may not want to think about the importance of recycling at this festive time of year, it really does make a significant difference if you spend just a few minutes considering what to do with your old electrical gadgets.

Peterborough City Council has advised residents in the region to get rid of their old computers and televisions at the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling centre, which is based in Fengate.

The idea behind the centre is to allow local consumers to dispose of their old electrical items, whatever size or age they happen to be (as long as they are in relatively good working order), safe in the knowledge that the gadgets will be put to good use, with those on low incomes or benefits able to buy the reconditioned items at cut prices. These individuals are often referred to the centre by charities such as Age Concern or the Salvation Army and all the money received at the centre is subsequently spent on improving the service the centre can provide.

Even if you think your old gadget holds no value, don’t throw it out immediately as the centre can easily identify any working parts that may still be useful and can take these out of the old, useless item.

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