Films made to boost recycling in Wiltshire

March 4, 2009 at 4:08 pm

The government is keen to improve the levels of recycling in the UK, and local councils are therefore always desperate to find new and innovative ways of getting the message across to the public. Wiltshire County Council has recently come up with the bright idea of making specially-commissioned films to educate residents and they have proved to be a hit with local people.

Last summer it commissioned eight films which are available to view on the Internet and are also good educational tools for schools and community meetings. The films cover such topics as household recycling centres, kerbside collections and also take a look at the process of recycling various materials from garden waste, textiles, tin cans and foil, to paper, glass and electrical goods. The latest five films explore the recycling processes of cardboard and plastic and also look at the management of landfill facilities in the county.

Wiltshire’s waste projects officer, Catherine Dixon, says that with the credit crunch much has been made of whether or not recycling is worth the money, but explains that as a nation we simply cannot afford not to recycle. She hopes that the new videos will address people’s concerns and will explain just why recycling is so important.

The county is well on its way to recycling 40% of its household waste but there is always room for improvement. Unlike some counties, Wiltshire can say hand on heart that absolutely none of its recyclable waste collected from households is being stockpiled or sent to landfill sites.

If you would like to see the films for yourself they can be found on the county’s recycling website. Better still, there is now a facility for the public to leave a comment and rate the films using a star system.

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