First Recycling Zones hit the UK

June 2, 2008 at 4:12 pm

In a joint project between WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) and the drinks giant Coca-Cola, the first recycling zone has arrived in the UK.

The zone was officially launched on 23rd May at Thorpe Park, with the plan being to introduce around 80 similar zones across the entire country over the next three years.

The idea is based on the assumption that if people are given the opportunity to recycle outside their home environment, then they will do so. Although people may have the intention to recycle, it does not always happen because it can be inconvenient. By placing recycling bins across the theme park, the hope is that people will recycle because the opportunity is presented to them.

Coca-Cola wanted to promote the scheme due to an awareness of the amount of waste caused by its own drinks products, and the company felt that it was a good opportunity to give something back to the community. Indeed, the focus of the recycling zones will be mainly on drinks cans and plastic bottles.

The scheme has certainly been a hit with the government, who were represented at the launch by the UK’s Minister for Waste, Joan Ruddock MP. She stated that “with a target of increasing the national recycling rate to 40% by 2010, programmes such as the recycling zone from Coca-Cola Enterprises are vital to the UK hitting its targets”.

Coca-cola have estimated that they will be spending £500,000 on the scheme, but funding is also supplied by the locations of the zones to ensure that the project is a group effort. The next zones are planned to be set up at further theme parks, including Alton Towers, as well as shopping centres across the country.

For more information about the scheme, check out the Let’s Recycle website.

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2 responses to “First Recycling Zones hit the UK”

  1. Jeni says:

    If coke-a-cola is doing this I think it will prompt a lot more companies to do this.

  2. Miri northton says:

    I think it is very bad that theme parks don’t recycle. Is there a way that we could get them to want to do this ?
    I went there and i wanted to through away my bottle but there wasn’t any recycling bins.

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