Glastonbury Goes Green

June 24, 2008 at 3:34 pm

Glastonbury have launched the ‘Love the Farm – Leave no Trace’ initiative this year in an attempt to make the events of 2008 as eco-friendly as possible.

Following a report that live events such as Glastonbury are responsible for around 75% of the whole of the music industry’s greenhouse gas emissions, organisers have decided to take a greener approach to the famous festival.

The scheme includes giving out free biodegradable tent pegs made out of potato starch to all festival goers. As well as that, they will also be ensuring that all the food tents use wooden cups and cutlery instead of plastic, which is far more difficult and expensive to recycle.

At many of the music festivals this year, car share schemes are being offered to lower the amount of harmful gases emitted in just travelling to the events. Not only that, but a biodegradable two-man tent made out of recycled cardboard and plastic has been invented by young entrepreneur, James Dunlop. He has called his eco-friendly tent the ‘Myhab.’ And do not worry – it is waterproof.

Glastonbury has always believed in the eco-friendly ethic and has had ‘Green Police’ in previous years, who dress up in funny costumes and walk around encouraging people to respect the environment by cleaning up after themselves. Regular visitors to the festival will be happy to know that they will be around this year as well.

Unfortunately, encouraging people to be green is not always enough. A survey carried out by non profit organisation, A Greener Festival, showed that 25% of all festival goers asked said that they would not recycle. And you can not make people recycle.

But some people are trying harder than others. Last year, over 70,000 music lovers signed up to the UK’s I Count campaign to stop climate chaos and show their support and commitment to saving the planet by not leaving a trace.

Go to Glastonbury’s Official Website for more information on the causes and campaigns supported by the legendary festival.

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