High Wycombe introduces on-street recycling

November 18, 2008 at 1:47 pm

Shoppers pounding the streets of High Wycombe will be able to recycle in the town centre thanks to an innovative new trial of on-street recycling litter bins. A total of ten recycling banks will be placed in the town centre for three months, allowing shoppers to dispose of drinks cans, bottles and newspapers in an environmentally-friendly fashion. Red bins will take plastic and cans, whilst blue bins will welcome paper.

The scheme has not yet been officially approved but the prospect has excited locals and is likely to go ahead. The bins will cost approximately £500 and the money will come from an existing budget set aside for street cleaning.

The good news is that this proposal is not another example of the local council trying to make people feel guilty about recycling. Rather, the Wycombe District Council has revealed that local people are regularly expressing their desire to see recycling facilities introduced in the town centre. Sam Clements, the coordinator of Wycombe Friends of the Earth, has called the scheme “fantastic” and believes that any move which encourages waste management is a real step forward in the fight to spread the recycling word.

Clements continued to speculate about the importance of the on-street recycling bins. People are generally more than happy to recycle at home because it is convenient to do so. However, if you buy a can of drink whilst out shopping, it is unlikely that the can will make the journey home with you. It therefore makes sense for the council to introduce this scheme.

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