In-store recycling scheme comes to Tesco

May 1, 2009 at 3:51 pm

Tesco is now leading the way with its recycling services, and has just come up with a new scheme which could affect the way it packages food in the future. The new trial scheme is to take place at two supermarkets, the Tesco Extra stores in Ilminster and Guildford, as part of a six-week trial.

The idea is for customers to leave behind any packaging that they do not want or that they think is a waste which will then be sent for recycling. This is to make the process of recycling easier for customers, as it involves less work on their part, and as a result of the trial it could become more widespread at other Tesco stores in the future.

Tesco is currently leading the field when it comes to recycling in supermarkets. It has stated that it has 3,500 projects up and running at the moment to reduce waste, and has also claimed to have diverted 87% of its waste from landfill. It is hoped that this latest scheme will add to that record.

On top of allowing customers to recycle more easily, the secondary aim is to help Tesco work out how much packaging is required for certain products. If shoppers continuously reject certain packaging then this could lead to changes by the store to prevent manufacturers from using so much in the first place.

However, there will be a limit to how much packaging can be got rid of. Certain packaging has information on ingredients and other important advice, and shoppers will not be able to do without this.

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