Inviting the Worms to Stay

May 3, 2006 at 9:39 am

How would you like the idea of nearly 2000 earthworms sharing your kitchen space?

Martin Bartos, Scotish Green Party member commented how his resident worms ‘really aren’t any bother’. He’s refering to his wormery – a simple and efficient way of converting kitchen waste into compost and liquid feed – all you need to do is throw your left over peelings and used coffee in and the worms do the work.

Nearly a third of our household waste is organic and so can be recycled in this way, so if everyone had a wormery at home or in the garden the amount of waste going to landfill would be dramatically reduced.

You may be thinking, is it complicated or pricey to set up a wormery at home but it really isn’t. There are commercial wormerys on the market, but you can just as easily make your own using cheap plastic storage boxes and a few extra items available from the DIY store as illustrated here.
This size wormery may be more suited to your garden or an outside space but if this is not available, there are smaller options which can sit on your windowsill and you can even improvise with something such as an old fishtank or small dustbin.

Green living is no longer reserved for hippies and duty bound Green Party members, everyone shold be environmentally aware. Living in a confined space within the city also shouldn’t mean that you opt out, you just have to improvise. Its not all about having your own energy sources or having land to grow your own vegetables, there are ways everyone can adapt.

Make a wormery, take your glass, tins and paper to the recyling bank or put out for collection and reuse household items where possible. Our recycling in the home factsheet will remind you of all the simple ways you can live a greener life.

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