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July 16, 2010 at 4:34 pm

As with all things Apple, the iPhone 4, the latest version of the all-conquering smartphone, was released to a fanfare of hype and expectation last month. Desirable it may be, but priced at anywhere up to £600, it certainly doesn’t come cheap.

That leaves many fans desperate to get their hands on the new phone facing a conundrum: how to afford the latest must-have gadget?

The answer seems to be through recycling their old iPhones.

Sell My Mobile, the comparison site for recycling phones, has announced that the iPhone 3G was the most-recycled phone on the market during June 2010. This points to the fact that many fans of the iPhone are so desperate to get their hands on the latest incarnation of the model that they are ditching their old versions to raise a bit of extra cash to pay for it.

And it’s not an insignificant amount: the average amount that can be raised from trading in an old iPhone is £77.75, with highs of up to £170 reported. Sell My Mobile confirmed that the price will fluctuate depending on the buyer, so it is always best to look around for a good deal.

This is a great advertisement for the recycling of phones. Mobile phones consist of materials that mean they should not be thrown away to end up in landfill sites. The more people that start to recycle their mobile phones, the better it will be for the environment. And at the same time, as this proves, there are some real financial incentives for doing so.

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  1. House Clearance Leicester says:

    I traded in my old iPhone with Mazuma mobile – a well known mobile trade in website and recieved £135 for it. This of course went to my new iphone 4 and although costly, was a very good upgrade considering my old iphone was actually had many problems and couldn’t recieve calls.

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