Mole Valley subsidises purchase of Green Cones and Home Composters

May 24, 2007 at 1:41 am

Mole Valley District Council is helping its residents to finance the costs of a greener lifestyle. They are offering two thousand Green Cones for only £10 as opposed to the normal RRP of £64.95. This price includes everything you need: the kitchen caddy, shaker and 60g of accelerator powder. The Green Cone is an easy-to-use, smell-free food waste digestion system which can be used for all food waste, whether raw or cooked.

Also on offer are home compost bins for as little as £6 for the 220 litre size which represents a saving of at least £20 on those bought in the shops. Others are also available at £10 for the 330 litre size and £20 for the thermo KOMP 250 litre bin. All can be delivered by the council at no extra cost. Home composting is not only an excellent way of reducing what goes into our landfill sites but will also improve the quality of your soil with no financial outlay. For more information on home composting and the Green Cone system you might like to read our article

For more information on all Mole Valley recycling initiatives see the relevant section of their website

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