New Green Store for Tesco

April 25, 2006 at 10:28 am

Supermarket giant Tesco is going seriously green with the announcement of plans for the world’s most environmentally friendly store.

The store is to be built in Norfolk and will be constructed from recycled wood, plastic and other materials. It is not just the exterior of the store that will be green as they plan to generate energy from solar panels, wind turbines and geothermal power and aims to half its energy consumption by 2010 (compared with the energy use in 2000)

This new store is a costly project at ¬£100 million but an important investment in terms of reducing emissions and conserving energy supplies and reducing ever increasing energy costs. Tesco have also noted that they aim to reduce carbon emmissions from their large network of distribution vehicles and also invest in more recycling schemes for customers. For more information on Tesco’s environment policies check their website.

Hopefully with such a huge brand like Tesco pioneering this kind of environmentally friendly development, other corporations will follow in their footsteps and invest some of their profits in greener a future.

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  1. Bryony Carfoot says:

    that’s great news – how about Tesco becoming one of the first retailers in the UK to collect batteries (AA etc) for recycling. As these shouldn’t be thrown away in the general rubbish.

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