New site finds homes for old items

May 28, 2010 at 12:56 pm

With recycling becoming increasingly important for the country as a whole, it is good news to hear that has just re-launched its website. has the simple but noble mission of trying to prevent as much junk as possible from being sent to landfill sites. With its new website, it has made this easier than ever to achieve with a whole set of new features.

The main theme of the website is that rather than throwing out your old items, it is far better to find new homes for them. It achieves this effectively by providing an easier way to find new homes for old items, as well as helping people to search for old unwanted items.

Pretty much anything can be posted on the site, including common items for the home, the kitchen, the garden and many more. There is also the option of free advertising to assist in the search for a new home.

In addition, the website offers a service for exchanging old mobile phones for money, meaning people can actually make some good money from doing the right thing.

The process is quick and easy, and there are new ways to use the site that make it more intuitive. People getting rid of their old items can add their contact numbers to adverts, and people searching for items can set up email alerts to inform them when items they are interested in appear.

People can also take advantage of better search features that allow them to search by postcodes so that they can find items that are located in their vicinity.

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