Online mobile phone recycling scheme launched

July 30, 2008 at 2:25 pm

According to some estimates, there are 90 million unused mobile handsets sitting around in homes across the UK, collecting dust at this very moment. People are constantly reminded not to throw away their old phones due to the toxic properties of some of the ingredients and as a result they are unsure of what to do with them.

If you have an old handset (or even a few) lying around at home, then you will be interested to hear about the new service offered by MPRC (The Mobile Phone Repair Company), which has just launched a new mobile phone recycling scheme that claims to be simpler and more efficient than any of the other schemes currently available.

The aim behind the scheme is to recycle old phones for the precious plastics and metals that are found within them, and for this reason the handsets do not have to be functioning.

The service, which complies with current EU legislation and is done in an environmentally friendly manner, aims to form “financially productive partnerships with charities, businesses and members of the public”, according to the website.

The process is simple: just go to the website, choose your model of phone and fill in the form. You will then be sent a freepost envelope in which to post your phone, and when the phone is received you will be paid.

The prices are pretty good too. For a Nokia N95, you can get £120 for a working phone and £60 for a non-working model. However, for older models the prices are a bit lower, with phones such as the Nokia 2100 being bought for £2 for a working model and £1 if it is not functioning.

The company claims that payment is guaranteed within 14 days, and it also states that a free courier collection is on offer for 10 or more phones at a time, which could be useful for charities looking to capitalise on the scheme.

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