Plastics 2020 Challenge launched

July 23, 2009 at 3:31 pm

It looks like there could be a new initiative in the plastics industry to increase recycling rates, as it has just launched a new campaign to get itself and others involved in recycling. The launch of Plastics 2020 is an attempt by the industry to set itself, consumers and the government the task of doing more to keep plastics out of landfill sites and to get them reused.

Launched in Westminster, the campaign already has the support of many MPs, and represents the first time that both processors and manufacturers have got together and set their own specific targets. The overall aim is to double the rate of plastic packaging recycling by the year 2020. The public will also be able to join in through a new website that has been launched, and numerous charities, including Friends of the Earth, will join in by taking part in various debates on the web.

One of the reasons the campaign has been launched now is that research from ComRes released recently showed that councils are not faring too well when it comes to meeting the targets they have been set for recycling next year. According to the research, a third did not think they would meet their targets next year, and a third didn’t think they would hit them between 2015 and 2020. This could lead to higher council tax bills as a result.

Calum Forsyth from Plastics 2020 said that although plastics are now “indispensable to our daily lives”, there is an “urgent challenge” to deal with their disposal as “time is running out”.

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