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March 18, 2009 at 11:50 am is a new web-site that gives people with unwanted but useful household items an opportunity to donate them to other people instead of throwing them away. Any item that is no longer needed but still has some life left in it can be added to the SnaffleUp website where other people can view it and arrange collection. Items already donated include TVs, dining tables, books, toys, computer peripherals, clothes and garden furniture.

“A lot of what ends up in landfill sites still has plenty of useful life left in it,” says SnaffleUp founder Chris Toynbee. “Why throw something away when you can give it to someone else who needs or wants it? And will use it! At a time when the credit crunch is making life harder for a lot of people, a source of free goods obviously has its attractions. SnaffleUp represents a new and easy way to help people save money while helping the environment at the same time.”

SnaffleUp differs from sites like Freecycle by offering a more user-friendly experience. The website has an ongoing improvement policy focused around a forum that lets users post suggestions for improving the site, which can then be voted for by other member of the SnaffleUp community.

Visitors to SnaffleUp do not need to register in order to start looking for or adding items, simply enter your postcode to search for items in your local area. When looking for a specific item, it is possible to set up email alerts that inform you when items of interest have been added. If you want to add an item, or arrange collection of an item, you need to complete a short and simple registration form. All items are offered free of charge and it is up to site users to negotiate any collection or delivery costs between themselves.

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    If you haven’t heard yet, there is a wonderful organisation called freegive ( ). Freegive is a community recycling network of online groups that enable the reuse of goods in local areas across the UK and other 124 countries across the world. Local volunteers in 570 groups are dedicated to helping our 599,952 members share their resources and reduce waste. Every month about 600 tonnes of goods are reused via Freegive. Join a local group and offer your unwanted things to someone who can make use of them-ensuring less stuff ends up being thrown away or sitting around unused. Everything is free. Freegive builds community spirit, resources and saves everyone money. Don’t throw it away. Give it away.

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