Recycling Encouraged via Post System

May 24, 2006 at 12:18 pm

The UK’s major recycling site – has joined forced with Royal Mail to produce the first ever cancellation mark showing the sites logo and web address.

The cancellation mark can be seen up by the stamp on your letters and is printed as the letter goes through the sorting machines to show the stamp has been used – or cancelled.

This is a huge effort to make people aware of the site and indeed encourage them to recycle at home and will hopefully have a great effect, as letters with the stamp on should fall through between 6 and 7 million letterboxes each day. The campaign has been running since the 8th May and will continue until 18th June so look out for the recycling stamp on your post.

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One response to “Recycling Encouraged via Post System”

  1. Graham Harding says:

    If the post office want to cut waste they could stop posting all the junk mail.

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