Recycling Push during World Cup

June 19, 2006 at 7:02 am

The World Cup will bring welcome profits for retailers with food and drink for match parties and BBQs and shiny new TV sets to enjoy the games on but this unfortunately brings with it an increase in rubbish. On the plus side though, most of this rubbish can be recycled and even Sven himself is encouraging fans to recycle those cans and bottles and extra packaging.

Research shows that during the World Cup:
– England fans will open 340 million cans and bottles (25% more than an average month)
– Scottish and Welsh fans will open another 70 million
– Hot weather could see another 740 million cans of soft drinks sold
– 180 million papers and newspapers covering and commenting on the events will be sold
– An increase in cardboard packaging will increase.

Local councils, football clubs, shops and community groups are all planning events to get the recycling message across during the World Cup and the England Football manager launched a campaign at the beginning of the month with Environment Secretary David Miliband which urged fans to recycle as much as possible. At the launch of the Big Recycle campaign, Ericksson asked that everyone helped to make this ‘World Cup a winner for the team and environment by recycling all their extra cans, bottles and newspapers”.

So make sure you recycle as much as you can whilst enjoying the football at home.

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