Tesco pilots all-in-one recycling system

April 3, 2009 at 4:00 pm

Leading supermarket chain Tesco this week unveiled an exciting new way to recycle at its Shettleston store in Glasgow. Many Tesco stores already have recycling bins, but the new facility is an "all-in-one" system which simplifies the process and saves time and space. Designed in Scandinavia, the cutting-edge TOMRA machine allows consumers to recycle several types of waste at the same time, as well as recognising, sorting and compacting materials at the point of collection.

Shettleston’s £150,000 machine accepts glass, steel, aluminium and various types of plastic. The machine’s internal laser scans the material, before it is sorted and compressed or granulated. Crushing the material means fewer collections are required, which in turn means less lorries rumbling on our roads. So TOMRA offers a double carbon-saving solution: reducing waste going to landfill and cutting down on the fossil fuel used in collections.

At the official opening of the facility on 4th March, Scotland’s Secretary for the Environment, Richard Lochhead, said he was "delighted to open this automated recycling centre and try out this new facility for myself." Mr Lochhead also praised Tesco’s commitment to recycling, which is shared by the Scottish Government, and felt that close collaboration between the public and private sectors was the best way to reduce environmental impact.

Louise Goodland, speaking on behalf of Tesco, explained that the TOMRA machine had been introduced due to consumer demand, stating that customers has asked Tesco to make recycling "easier, more fun and more convenient." And as an added incentive, Tesco is offering green Clubcard points to customers for the items they recycle using the machine.

The supermarket giant intends to roll out the idea to further stores if the Glasgow pilot is successful. Stores earmarked include Ayr, Alloa and South Queensferry.

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