Well done Co-op, you’re setting the standard again!

April 8, 2008 at 1:23 pm

Ever wondered what the supermarkets do with all those old receipts and forms? Well it’s not very obvious what all of them are doing, but the good old Co-op is once again leading the way in terms of ethical affairs. It is recycling all of its scrap paper and turning it into toilet roll and kitchen towel. And what’s better is… they are making it into children’s attraction!

The Co-op’s HQ near Stockport in Lancashire houses Waste Works, a facility to which children from local schools are invited to watch recycling in action. The plant recycles at a rate of three tonnes an hour, and at the same time teaches children methods and ideas for helping the environment in the commercial world.

Waste Works is an arm of a charity called Waste Watch – a very well established body with the experience of 20 years in the field. All the waste paper is brought to the plant using a special electronic van – it is often met by classes of up to 60 children, eager to see the technology of the future. It’s a very hands-on trip for the children – they get to make their own paper by the end of the day.

Spokesman from the Co-op Richard Cranshaw is very keen to promote ‘closed loop’ recycling, which means products are made from recycled goods, then go on to be recycled after their use, and so on. Waste Works wants to turn boring grey plants into vibrant and fun places to learn about saving the planet. Once again the Co-op is setting the standard.

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One response to “Well done Co-op, you’re setting the standard again!”

  1. Tara Whiteman says:

    Thats really good considering that the co-op is doing this within their food industry, its just a shame they’re not trying as hard in all of there industry for example the funeral business run by them