Great Success for Computer Recycling

February 24, 2006 at 12:50 pm

A massive 10,000 computers were recycled during 2005 by Gloucestershire based waste recycling company, Engelhard.

The company collect old IT equipment from companies, including computer towers, monitors, fax machines, calculators and telephones which are then taken apart and recycled as seperate materials such as steel, copper and precious metals.

Engelhard work with local courier services to collect equipment all across the UK, but the majority is collected locally and there is also a recycling bank at their head office for the public to drop off unwanted items.

They are aiming even higher this year with a target of recycling 50,000 computers.

There are many companies that deal with recycling computers and lots of options for recycling your home computer too. Search for you local site here selecting ‘office equipment’ and then ‘computers’.

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Be Careful What You Throw Away

February 24, 2006 at 1:00 am

A man from North Finchley accidently threw out some important documents with his recycling which included his car registration documents, MOT certificate and insurance documents.

They were collected before he realised but got to ECT Recycling just in time the same day and the documents were retrieved and returned to the very grateful owner the next day.

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New Battery Recycling Service

February 23, 2006 at 2:50 am

Ordinary household batteries don’t contain harmful materials so can be thrown away with daily rubbish but rechargable batteries and single use batteries often contain harmful metals, so cannot be thrown away with daily rubbish.

Some companies will have to dispose of batteries on a regular basis and services like the one just recently set up by Manchester based, Mercury Recycling will be of great use. The new service will help companies dispose batteries properly according to todays hazardous waste regulations – which were changed last year.

Different types of battery need to be identified and sorted correctly and recycled using the right process. Mercury’s ‘Battery Safe’ service will make sure this.

For more information on recycling batteries, or different materials check our materials page.

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Local Council Recycling Event

February 23, 2006 at 1:10 am

The major of Enfield hosted a recycling event held by the Waste Recycling Team from Enfield Council and local community groups to help educate local people about recycling. The afternoon included workshops and discussions and the opportunity for the community to share their ideas on recycling.

With an introduction from the Major and a talk from a representative of the Waste Recycling Team of Enfield, the day helped to provide people with a better understanding of recycling; outlined ways that local people can make a difference and encouraged those who are not currently already recycling, to get invloved.

There was an ECO Van, complete with furniture made from recycled materials, where environmental activities were taking place. Another highlight was ArtStart where children were encouraged to create works of art from from recycled items.

Why not get in contact with the recycling Team at your local council to see if they are hosting any similar events.

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Recycling’s not just old cans, tins and paper!

February 20, 2006 at 4:39 pm

As well as the traditional items that most people are by now used to throwing in the recycling sack, box or bank, there are many other household items that can be recycled.

You may have items that are no longer any use to you in your home but this by no means classes them as ‘rubbish’.

Rather than throwing out old electrical appliances or furniture or getting the council to collect them, send them to a good home by contacting the Furniture re-use Network (FRN).

The FRN have over 5000 people working to collect unwanted items free of charge, which they then repair where necessary and pass onto low income families who are unable to afford to buy these items new.

1.5 million items are reused and passed on every year so think twice about dumping that sofa or taking that old telly to the tip. Contact the Furniture re-use Network.

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