How to recognise eco-friendly and buy recycled products

As well as recycling, it is important to buy products made from recycled material. This will increase the demand for recycled products as well as create a good recycling loop. Recycled products are widely available; use this page to become familiar with the different eco-friendly labels you might find on these products.


Mobius Loop
This indicates whether the product can be recycled.

Mobius with Percentage

Mobius Loop with Percentage
This indicates how much of the product is made from recycled materials.


Tidyman Symbol
Implies that you should dispose of the product carefully, do not litter.

Green Dot

Green Dot
Indicating that the recovery of packaging material in some European countries has been paid for.

European Ecolabel

European Ecolabel
A European symbol that shows the product has been produced in an environmentally friendly manner.

Green Seal

Green Seal
A symbol used by the USA to show that a product has been produced in an environmentally friendly manor.


This symbol indicates to recycle glass in bottle banks.


This symbol indicates that the product is made from recyclable aluminium.


This symbol indicates that the product is made from recyclable steel.


These symbols indicate what type of plastic the product is made from:


Polyethylene Terepthalate


High Density Polyethylene




Low Density Polyethylene






All other resins and multi-materials

Build a House From Recycled Products

Build a House

You may be surprised, but it is possible to build a house using almost all recycled or recyclable material. Below are some examples of materials that can be used when building a house.

  • Tyres can be packed with earth and arranged on top of one another like bricks, and used as interior walls. They can then be covered with plaster to absorb heat and provide insulation for the house. This method reduces the amount of timber required in the building.
  • Cellulose insulation material can be made from recycled newspapers and can provide insulation for the building.
  • Recycled/recyclable steel can be used for many frameworks in a building. Steel can also be used for creating the roof.
  • Plastic PET bottles can be recycled to make carpet material for the building, and carpet pads can be made from reused textiles.
  • Recycled wood can be used for much of the interior of the house, such as worktops, cabinets and drawers.
  • Reclaimed paint can be used to decorate the building once it has been fully built.